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Some things are worth the money!

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In the “Dollars and Sense” category, I will be talking about financial wisdom.  I will advise against frivolous purchases.  However, some things are worth it.  One of the most important things we can spend our money on is travel.  Like almost everyone, I love to travel.  I feel that our lives are more full when we see the world.  I have traveled with friends, family, my husband, and my co-workers.  Each experience was meaningful and exciting, and I am grateful for the times I have spent in different locales.

I am a lucky girl, and I know that.  Not everyone has a job that will send them abroad for free.  I get to travel internationally with high school students, and explore new parts of the world with them.  It’s work, because high school students must be watched like a hawk, but it’s wonderful.

I sometimes decry my past excursions to Europe, because I would sign up for a new credit card and put the flight on the card.  My husband tells me to be grateful for my life experiences, and he’s right.  I would not know how wonderful London, Edinburgh, Paris, Florence, and Munich are if I had been more wise in my younger years.  So travel unabashedly!  But avoid the credit card, if you can.


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  1. I agree with you 100%! Travel is totally worth every cent. Adam and I often leave one great adventure and start planning for the next. For me, its Dallas, TX for the summer, Jamaica in November and maybe Hawaii in December. Where are you two planning to go next? Love you!

    • We have been invited to two weddings in May, so we’ll be traveling to Big Bear and lovely Bakersfield! We hope to go to New York in September. Jamaica in November! That will be wonderful!


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