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On a journey toward health

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Marco and I are on a slow transition toward a healthy lifestyle.  My parents always told me how hard it would be to lose weight as an adult, and now I realize how correct they were.  I was a cheerleader in high school, and I worried about my weight, but I had toned arms, toned legs, and an abundance of energy.  College taught me to give in to my cravings and to appreciate beer.  After college, I developed a love for things like brie sandwiches, white cheddar popcorn, and Heath bar ice cream.  Here are some pictures of me after college, with three of my dearest friends.  You can see the progression; not a terrible change, but I definitely became top-heavy by my 23rd birthday:

On a road trip.

Hula hooping in our apartment!

My 23rd birthday.


In the past few years, Marco has begun battling diabetes.  His mother is diabetic, so it was not a surprise to him.  We have had to give up some of our favorite recipes, like chile relleno casserole and tater tot casserole.  One recipe we have both enjoyed is strawberry salad.  I bought a book about reversing diabetes, which had a recipe for Indian lentil soup.  I love it, but Marco is not a fan.
After a few days of lentil soup, we both lost about five pounds.  I will keep you posted on new recipes and exercise ideas.

Chile Relleno Casserole: slice up poblano or pasilla chiles and put them in the bottom of a casserole dish.  Brown 1 pound of ground beef and spread half of it over the chile slices.  Pour half a bottle of Herdez salsa over all of it, and top it off with shredded cheese.  Repeat with another layer of the same.  Cook until golden and bubbly in the oven at 350 degrees.  Serve with sour cream and avocados.

Tater tot casserole with bratwurst

Strawberry salad: salad greens with sliced strawberries, radishes, celery, red onion, pears or apples, and anything else you like that’s crunchy (carrots, watercress, etc.).  I use raspberry vinaigrette on this, and it’s like dessert before the meal!

Indian lentil soup: this is from a book called The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle

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  1. My dad’s diabetic, but he um, refuses to convert to a diabetic-friendly diet and instead just cuts back of the amount of things he eats (and basically no bread, rice, pasta – carbs). Can’t really blame him though, since most receipes do taste rather unpleasant. Can’t wait for you to share some good ones! By the way, brie with cranberry sauce = win.

    • It’s tough to find yummy things to eat on a diabetic diet…especially when we’re craving something specific. Marco loves fruit, so the strawberry salad is a good option. He hates salad as a rule, but he overlooks the greens for the sweet things in the salad.

  2. I will definitely be returning to your blog, Carrisa. I, too am Diabetic and struggle to eat properly. I mean, how could something as innocuous as Italian bread and butter be so bad for you! It is just awesome that you are supporting him this way…..a true mate.

    • We’re both lovers of fatty, carb-loaded foods, but we see the writing on the wall. To live a long life, we must embrace a more plant-based diet (fruits, vegetables, nuts) and healthy meats (poultry, fish). Thank you for the support!

  3. LIbby gets some of her awsone hula hooping skills from you. Can you still do it?


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