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RAW Artists Riverside

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Last night Marco and I attended the RAW Artists event in downtown Riverside.  We were on a list, so we got in free, but admission costs $15.  It was at a very cool bar called Sevilla.  It was  a collection of different types of artists, including photographers, painters, sculptors, and jewelry makers.

These drawings caught my eye, and I loved that she added flowers to her display.

I love paintings, and I know how hard it is, because I have tried it and failed…and these were so great!

A cute way to display photos.

Marco behind his camera.

Marco had a lot of fun taking photos, because the setting, colors, and displays were all so perfect!  One girl had a display of sculptures she had made out of scavenged manzanita wood from a burned tree.

She makes walking sticks, canes, and mobiles.

One make-up artist was there with her Renaissance zombie models.   

These are really fun events!  There was a band playing when we got there.  At one point, there were models walking the catwalk wearing hand-made jewelry.  

All the art was displayed on easy-to-assemble racks made out of pipes, and they were just as easily torn down at the end of the night.  I think this is an excellent idea for showing off Marco’s work at future events.  The only funny thing was that the invitation asked everyone to dress fashionably, and it was painfully obvious that everyone was doing their best, but the girls seemed to be more in costumes than in comfortable artsy clothes.  I went 80s for the night.

Another fun night in So Cal with my hubby!

Getting serious about the blog

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My husband is much more technologically savvy than I am, and he is a photographer.  I got a smart phone (and gave up my lovely pink flip phone) so that I could take pictures for this blog, and update it at any time.  He has shown me, however, that my phone’s camera is not quite good enough for a professional blog.  Here he is showing me a possible point-and-shoot camera that would work for me:

After thinking about it for a few days, Marco has ordered a new camera for me!  It will be here Friday.  He couldn’t find a pink one, but he did find a red one!  He was able to find this at for a good price.  Hopefully this will help me keep up with interesting photos for this site.

Marco’s Dream

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My husband and I both work outside the home.  We hope to change that someday.  Marco is building a photography business on the side, and I couldn’t be more proud of all the work he puts into it.  Here is an example of his work.  We were at a wedding for a friend, and someone else took this picture of us, which he edited:

Marco took this picture of me, which he also edited:

He’s good!

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