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The Continental Room

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This is an exciting time of year for high school teachers!  We are winding down the year, finishing up the last tests and projects, and the seniors have graduated.  To celebrate, I met some teachers at The Continental Room in downtown Fullerton.  Fullerton is a great place to hang out.  It’s a little college-friendly (too young for me), but bars like The Continental Room and Bourbon Street cater to patrons in all stages of life (post 21!).   Marco loves this place for its Mad Men feel…every girl is Joan Harris and every guy is Don Draper.

Here’s Marco doing the “Draper:”

The Continental Room is a fun place!  It inspires one to order something like an Old Fashioned or a martini.

It was a much-needed break after a long school year!  Here I am trying not to show my annoyance after school when a 7th period student grabbed my camera:

And here we are as we begin the weekend!  Much better.

The Continental Room has great bartenders who specialize in remembering drinks for their regulars…there were three guys on the other side of the bar who are in there every day.  They also have awesome little details, like a direct taxi phone:

The only thing missing at The Continental is a kitchen.  We went around the corner to Heroes for some huge nachos:

Only two more weeks, and it’s summer vacation!

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